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Attic Cleaning and Insulation

Attic Cleaning and Insulation
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When was the last time you've cleaned your attic and crawl spaces? It's been a while, ah? Apparently, most homeowners neglect their attics, so you're not alone in this, but, the trouble with unattended attics is that they more often than not end up causing you problems, small ones such as air and heat escaping through the openings and big ones such as health issues. We at Air Duct Cleaning Sunnyvale can help you take care of your attic with our full package of services!

Crawl Space Cleaning

Attic Cleaning and InsulationRodents like to crawl in… wait for it, crawl spaces. Unseen and small, rodents like mice, rats and bats can live in your house and without the proper attention, what starts as a small exploratory expedition becomes a full-blown infestation. Nobody likes creepy crawlers in their own home, and that is why you need to call us. Cleaning and decontaminating crawl spaces require alertness, careful attention to details and well-equipped cleaning experts, who are well trained in dealing with this kind of environments.

Attic Cleaning

Not only crawl-spaces require cleaning and decontaminating. Attics are well known for being unattended areas in our homes as well. Apart from unwanted rodents, moisture and bacteria can also flourish in these dark, non-ventilated confines. Attic cleaning requires a gentle yet professional touch. Our experts have both these qualities. Let us make the hard work for you.

Insulation Replacement & Installation

What about your attic insulation? Has it been a while since you've last replaced it? If so, this is your opportunity to do precisely that! It will be the most beneficial move you’ll ever make for your house in terms of efficient energy consumption and saving. The new installed insulation will prevent cold air from entering during winter, while keeping the warm air inside, keeping your home temperature nice and warm.

Thoroughly cleaning the attic and crawl spaces will be the best way to protect both your family and your home with our services! Contact us today!

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