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About Us

Whenever it comes to taking care of your air ducts, our company is ready for any task including repairs and maintenance as well.The purpose of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems is to keep the temperature and air quality optimal, but unfortunately it does not always workas well as expected. In such cases we at "Air Duct Cleaning Sunnyvale" can help. Our job is to remove all sorts of harmful particles and accumulations from these passages so that the home indoor air quality increases to the optimal level and is kept this way for longer. Thanks to the use of our effective techniques and advanced equipment, our team will achieve the best results and you will be able to enjoy cleaner, healthier air indoors.

About our company in California

Effective HVAC Cleaning by Professionals

Our company is available to clean air ducts on a scheduled and emergency basis. If you feel there is too much dust inside or unpleasant odor coming from the vents, turn to us for assistance straight away. It is our commitment to service all customers in the shortest possible time. Our team services absolutely all types of HVAC systems regardless of their size, age and design. Even if the duct network is complex, count on us to clean every inch of it.

We will remove all the particles, microorganisms and dirt accumulations inside the ducts. The list includes everything from pollen to bacteria. Air duct sanitizing is an important part of our work as well. We treat the surfaces with potent yet completely safe materials that not only kill the potentially dangerous microbes, but also prevent their future growth. The air inside the rooms will become cleaner and feel fresher as soon as the job is done. This generally takes little time thanks to the good organization and dexterous work of each one of our technicians.

In order to ensure that our customers receive the best possible end result, we fix air ducts as well. Air filter replacement is also something that our company offers to ensure that your HVAC system operates optimally at all times. This helps to reduce the risk of contamination in the future and makes the system more energy-efficient as well.

Professional Services for Dryer Ducts

Our team specializes in dryer vents cleaning as well. We remove completely lint, dust and dirt accumulations to lower the risk of dryer malfunctioning and fire. When necessary, count on us to repair the vents as welland to replace the old filters with new ones. We do everything to ensure safe and efficient operation.

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