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Different Air Duct Cleaning Methods

Different Air Duct Cleaning Methods
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Services for air duct cleaning have been around for over 100 years. While the main goal is the same, which is to remove dirt and contamination from air ducts, there are different methods on how it’s done. Homeowners clean their ducts using regular vacuum cleaners. However, professional air duct cleaning is recommended, at least every three to five years, as not all dirt can be removed by home vacuum cleaners.

Common Duct Cleaning Methods

Duct and ventilating cleaning comprise of agitating the dirt and debris to remove from sticking to the ducts and vents. Loosen dirt would then be extracted from the ducts. Steam cleaning is one of the methods usedDifferent Air Duct Cleaning Methods for this process. High pressure and high temperature steam removes dirt from the walls of the duct, while the vacuum sucks them out. This is not a popular method for cleaning ducts because the moisture could cause damage. Another method, which is considered as most in-depth, is the use of power vacuum. Dirt is loosened from the walls, which is then removed by this powerful vacuum. Another round of brushing on the walls is performed to ensure that all dirt is eliminated. While this ensures thorough cleaning, it can also be expensive due to the cost of equipment used.

The other popular cleaning method for air ducts is the contact cleaning method. Various tools like brushes are used to remove dirt and debris from the duct walls. Smaller tubes and vacuums are then used to eliminate loosened dirt. This method is considered the safest as the person cleaning has more control. However, it takes longer to complete since it can only clean small areas of the duct at a time. Aside from cleaning, further consider air duct sanitizing. Mold and bacteria may have build-up and are still sticking on the ducts, which cannot be removed by cleaning alone. This can mix with the air that you breathe and cause possible health issues to your family. Sanitizing solution is used for the process, which should kill any bacteria present on the ducts. However, this should be properly done in order to be effective.

The ducts must be thoroughly cleaned first before sanitizing them. Proper method of preparing the solution and application must be done too. Moreover, depending on the solution used, there’s a specific time it needs to be applied before the HVAC system is used. The filters must also be cleaned regularly so air could flow through properly to the rooms. There’s no need to wait for scheduled duct cleaning or maintenance to clean the filters as dust and dirt could attach to it that fast. If you have more questions about professional air duct cleaning services, contact air duct cleaning Sunnyvale.

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