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Residential Air Duct Cleaning

Residential Air Duct Cleaning
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California is the most populous State in the USA. Sunnyvale in one of the cities in Silicon Valley in Greater San Francisco and as a result is one of the more prosperous cities in a prosperous state. The climate is comfortably warm in the summer and never too cold in the winter but a HVAC Unit is still an essential part of life.

We offer residential air duct cleaning and repair services

Residential Air Duct CleaningThere is a need for air conditioning and ventilation, heat of course in the winter and at residential air duct cleaning Sunnyvale we are kept busy by homeowners wanting to ensure their homes have good indoor quality air at a temperature to suit.

The problem with HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) Units is their efficiency drops when they are not clean to the extent that there can be as much as 40% extra energy used to produce the same effect as a clean system would use. The problem is dust. Every house fills up with dust; it is not a matter of closing doors or windows, it is an ever present that is cleaned off sills, mirrors, work surfaces and furniture every day. It can be clearly seen so it is cleaned.

The dust that collects even in air tight ducts is not seen; a large house may have three pounds of dust accumulate each month. That volume adds up very quickly and it is that pollution that provides the filter for all the air that circulates in the home. The result is stale air carrying germs. While air fresheners can hide the odor they do not kill the germs which are unhealthy for everyone even those without any existing medical conditions such as chest problems.

The first outward sign of a problem may be dirt gathering on the vent grills. They will be brushed clean as the final part of the whole cleaning project but you have to call us first.

We will look at the whole of the air ducts before beginning a clean. The seals and joints must be good and no tears in the ducting. If anything is amiss we will remedy that before starting the clean. We use a vacuum which can dislodge even the stubborn grime that sometimes attaches itself to the walls of the air ducts. The loose dust is easy. It may give you an impression of the size of the problem if you look at how much dust we remove from air ducts that have not been cleaned for a while.

With everything cleaned and checked and the vent grills replaced the ventilation system can be switched on again. The difference in indoor air quality is immediately noticeable; there is certainly no need for air fresheners.

We will advise any new customer on how frequently we feel air ducts should be cleaned. We would certainly say that is there is anything planned such as renovation or extension work that should include air duct cleaning anyway because so much extra dust is generated. If you are moving to new home we would also suggest air duct cleaning before you actually move in.

As a service company we give priority to the speed with which we respond to a call. The quality of our work and advice is the reason for good testimonials and regular customers. We hope we can add you to the list.

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